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Providing Premium Hams

For Over 20 Years

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Do Owen and Kim Nelson know much about hams? Yes. And there is no better proof than the fabulous hams. The Nelsons have been involved in farming and ranching operations their entire lives. No gimmicks, no shortcuts. Simply the best hams made, and they're waiting for you to order now!

Nelson Hams started in 1998 when Kim and Owen developed a new, and unique smoking method and recipe. They realized they had developed a premium ham, better than any on the market. The Nelsons decided to share this incredible product with the world. Owen and Kim began to sell their hams to individuals and companies that enjoy ham and giving hams as gifts or rewards to employees, or friends for any occasion.

They chose to directly market their hams. A Nelson Ham is NEVER frozen, and comes right from the farm to your table. That's right, these lean, delicious hams come right from Nelson Hams to you! You can not appreciate the TLC by the Nelsons until you taste a Nelson Brand Ham.

Owen and Kim, and their three children are a family on the go in central Nebraska. A strong work ethic, and friendly people. The Nelsons are a wonderful example of the astute and distinct characteristics of hard-working Nebraskans.

The Nelsons are an outdoor-loving family. They enjoy many activities, from travel, outdoor recreation, and being a family. The Nelsons contribute hard work and funds to maintain habitat for wildlife. The Nelsons take a long-respected stance that you must put into the earth, what you take from it. That is the Nelsons, and that is why you can without exception, depend on their superior products, dedication and unmatched service.

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